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„Mannheim Song & Ballad“
(to listen to the song, please click on „Imagefilm“ above)

E1 you gotta E2 survive But, U2 need the Mannheim B2 to Live ! “Mannheim Song & Ballad”, a homage to Mannheim, The UNESCO Music City. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with “QuadraTalk”. Lyrics & Music by Lucius ( Thomas Gottschalk-Jury-Award Winner ) Right now we have a single version ( home made “Kitchen-Recording” : Pop, Sweet Rap, Balladesque ) We are looking for Musicians / Bands who want to make new versions of “Mannheim Song & Ballad”, around the basic tune which you can listen to, on this site. Like The Never-Ending “Olympic Music Marathon”, we want a “Mannheim Music Marathon” around
“Mannheim Song & Ballad” !


All genres : Pop, Rock, Hymnal, Symphony, Rap, Jazz, Blues, BossaNova, Salsa, Acapella, Gregorian, country, Flamenco, Fado, Electronic et cetera. Vocals / Instrumental.


Come and join the “Mannheim Music Marathon” and say S2 to this project !


Please send us an Email. We“ll send you a written confirmation allowing you free use of this song & ballad.

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